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Come and Try

Getting started in archery is easy. Mount Petrie Bowmen holds regular “Come and Try” courses with qualified instructors and safe modern equipment. Everything is provided for your tuition, and later, expert advice is available when purchasing you own equipment.

The Come & Try courses are run only on the dates shown on the Course Calendar. Click here to follow the link to the Course Calendar where all the dates for our Come and Try courses are listed.

The Come and Try courses are designed to allow you to gain basic archery skills and to enjoy the skill of hitting the target in the middle. You will be assisted in this by our volunteer instructors who are also skilled archers. Sessions begin at 8.15 am and continue until 11.00. Cost is $60 per person. You can come along as an individual or a whole family.

Bookings are only taken online. A link to our upcoming courses can be found on our Course Calendar.

Our grounds are in Archery Ave within the Belmont Shooting Complex, Belmont.    

A word on archery for kids, especially little kids.

Learning archery has at least two elements that some little kids find difficult. There is the physical element where the bow has to be pulled back a lot of times and this can be quite physically demanding.

Then there is the mental bit where there is a demand for the learner to be aware of his body and to understand what has to be done with his body and to be able to do it consistently.

Generally we find that the age of 10 or thereabouts is the earliest that children can deal with those two parts of learning archery.

The club holds shoots on Saturdays and some Sundays. You can make enquiries at our clubhouse.



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